Water Restrictions: Level 2

Water restrictions 1

The present severe drought and consequential very low levels of storage dams necessitates the urgent implementation of water restrictions by Langeberg Municipality.


A provincial state of disaster has already been declared in the Western Cape on 24 May 2017 and a local state of disaster was also declared in the area of jurisdiction of Langeberg Municipality on 20 June 2017.


Against this water crisis and based on the declared provincial state of disaster, the premier of the Western Cape issued directions dealing with restrictions on the use of potable water for domestic and industrial purposes, as contained in the Schedule as published in the Provincial Gazette dated Friday, 4 August 2017. The bulk of Langeberg Municipality’s raw water supply is from the Greater Brandvlei Government Water Scheme (GBGWS) that is managed by the Central Breede River Water User Association (CBRWUA).


The most effective way to reduce water consumption in times of water shortages is to increase tariffs for excessive usage. Special water tariffs in respect of water restrictions have been included in the 2017/18 tariffs and will be implemented. Various other restrictive measures are also included in the Drought Management Policy and will be enforced through strict law enforcement.


Three levels of water restrictions are included in the Langeberg Municipality Drought Management Policy and which corresponds with the restrictive allocations applied by the Greater Brandvlei Government Water Scheme (GBGWS) and the availability of water from our other sources.


Based on these criteria level 2 water restrictions will be imposed as from 15 october 2017.


The targeted water consumption for level 2 water restrictions is 50% of normal consumption for residential and business use and 75% of normal consumption for industrial users. Water consumption of all users will be monitored monthly and stricter water restrictions will be imposed if the targeted consumption is not achieved.


The restrictive measures of Level 2 water restrictions are as follow:


a)        Suspension of all irrigation water (“leiwater”) in McGregor and Robertson.

b)        No watering of gardens using municipal water

c)         A fine in terms of Section 75 A of the Systems Act, being a 100% penalty on tariffs for monthly consumption in excess of 15 kilolitre per month per household connection, including indigent households.

d)        No watering of sport fields, cricket pitches, golf course greens and/or bowling greens is permitted unless own source of water is used.

e)        No filling of swimming pools.

f)         No washing of vehicles with any hose will be permitted including commercial enterprises whose business it is to wash cars.

g)        Stricter policing and implementation of a complaint line and whistle blowers facility.

h)        Consultation with bulk consumers in the industrial and business sectors as identified through the billing system.

i)          Installation of flow restrictors to non-compliant consumers to water restrictions.

j)          Any person who contravenes these restrictions is guilty of an offence and is, upon conviction, liable to a fine as published in the annual tariffs list.


The 2017/18 water tariffs (VAT exclusive) for residential users are as indicated in the table below with the tariffs that will be applicable for the different levels of water restrictions:


Consumption per month (kl.)

Normal Tariffs

Level 1 Water Restrictions Tariffs

Level 2 Water Restrictions Tariffs

Level 3 Water Restrictions Tariffs

0 – 6

R 2.30

R 2.30

R 2.30

R 2.30

6 – 15

R 5.40

R 5.40

R 5.40

R 16.20

15 – 30

R 5.64

R 5.64

R 11.28

R 16.92

30 – 40

R 5.90

R 8.85

R 11.80

R 17.70

40 – 60

R 7.55

R 11.33

R 15.10

R 22.65

More than 60

R 7.88

R 11.82

R 15.76

R 23.64


For special exemption from the current water restrictions, see the application from here.


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