Residents to comply to Stage 2 Water Restriction

You could be fined or face serious penalties for using water recklessly 

We received information from several residents about households who do not comply with the water restrictions. We must act in accordance with the Water Ordinance of Langeberg Municipality to such persons. Please fimaliarise yourself with the below clauses of the Water Regulation on water constraints - this is urgently brought to the attention of all residents as the last call to comply to the water restrictions before we begin to act.  


Households in all five towns are urged to use less than 15 000 litres of water per month.

Stage 2 entails the following restrictive measures that all residents must adhere to:


  1. Suspension of all irrigation water (“leiwater”) in McGregor and Robertson.
  2. No watering of gardens using municipal water.
  3. If households use in excess of 15 000 litres of water per month, they will fall into a higher water tariff bracket (100% increase on normal tariffs).

       This includes indigent households.

  1. No watering of sport fields, cricket pitches, golf course greens and/or bowling greens are permitted unless own source of water is used.
  2. No filling of swimming pools.
  3. No washing of vehicles with any hose will be permitted including commercial enterprises whose business it is to wash cars.

According to the Water By-Law, which was advertised in the Provincial Gazette in 2010, when an authorised official finds that a provision of this by-law is contravened, the official may issue a compliance notice to the consumer.

A notice issued to a consumer must state the measures that must be taken to rectify the contravention.


For Example: If a consumer waters their garden using municipal water and an authorised official finds out about this, then an official compliance notice may be issued to the consumer. The notice could state a warning has been given for failing to comply with the restrictive measures. If the consumer contravenes any of these measures again, and is found guilty, then he or she may be issued with a fine, imprisonment or both.

If the consumer doesn’t adhere to any of the provisions in the By-Law, the Municipality may impose the following restrictive measures:


  1. Order a consumer at his own expense to install a meter and device for restricting the flow of water.
  2. Discontinue or limit the supply of water to the household


If a consumer is to be found guilty of contravening or failing to comply with any provisions of this Water By-Law or compliance notices served by an authorised official, he or she may be liable on conviction to:

A fine of R2 500 or three years imprisonment; or both.


To view the full Water By-Law click here


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