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Local Economic Development 

Position / Job Description : Local Economic Development Officer
Name : Vacant
Contact number :  
E-mail address :  

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Creates an enabling environment for the business sector to grow the economy in our region
  • Assists with the establishment of LEDP
  • Provides admin support to the LEDP (once established)
  • Liaises with the local Business Chamber


Position / Job Description Senior Clerk LED alt
Name : Ms O.G. Richards-Liemens
Contact number : 023 626 8201
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist with business consultation and registration.
  • Assist Manager with project managing.





Position / Job Description : Clerk EPWP data capturer 0013LP low res
Name : Ms T. Danti
Contact number : 023 626 8263
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                 








Vision and Objectives of Department

  • The developing and implementing of programs and projects that promote sustainable livelihoods, poverty alleviation and development opportunities for all citizens in Langeberg Municipality.
  • Internally the LED development partners with other departments, by encouraging labour intensive methods when implementing their capital projects in a quest to push back the frontiers of poverty.( Department of transport and Public works to drive EPWP projects, to  contribute to the national target of creating 5 million jobs by 2015)
  • To derive maximum and tangible outcomes in funds invested in programmes the municipality, links training to capital and operational projects that are budgeted for in a financial year, so as to provide exit opportunities to the beneficiaries, where ever possible this programme is accompanied by accredited training to better the chances of employment or setting up a business, preferably co ops by the beneficiaries.

Projects - Current & Completed

  • The department economic development and Tourism by taking advantage of their Municipal Assistance Programme to capacitate the municipality to be a contributor in the regional economic growth. 
  • Management of Natural Resources
  1. The unemployed are mobilized to do alien cleaning of neighborhoods and rivers; this ensures that water resources are protected in that catchments of storage dams are kept free of alien vegetation to take maximum advantage of runoff water during the rainy season 1000 families’ benefit from this activity annually.
  • Road repair and Maintenance
  1. 36 unemployed 9 from Ashton 8Bonnievale and 19 from Robertson, where placed under the supervision of civil engineering superintendents to learn all the aspect of road maintenance, the LED department has registered them as co-ops, and accredited theoretical training will be provided towards the end of the program.
  2. Objectives:
  3. That these co-ops tender for maintenance work from the municipality, the Cape Winelands District Municipality or the Provincial Government for repair of proclaimed roads and hopefully employ more.  
  4. The contractor development section of the Department of Public Works will assist in further developing them in all aspects of contractor development, to make them a regional player in road maintenance.
  5. This project is also aimed at capacitating locals to claim a stake on the capital. Budget expenditure R3, 5m annually for Road repairs and maintenance
  6. The Municipality makes use of emerging contractors to run our housing project.
  7. The LED department put some of these contractors on a contractor’s development programme.
  8. The objective is to create a cadre of contractors that will take on bigger work; all the directorates are encouraged employing labour intensive methods when implementing their projects.
  • Enterprise development programs 
  1. Evidence exists both in South Africa and internationally that the bulk of formal jobs are being created by small and medium enterprises.
  2. The direct benefits for communities are usually higher from SMME’s as they are more integrated local value chains.  It is because of this realization that the Langeberg Municipality has made a concerted effort through its enterprise development programme to embark on dealing with SMME’s at the level that they at e.g. start-up businesses; those that need mentorship are put under mentorship to ensure sustainability and to counter SMME failure.
  3. Objectives:
  4. To guide SMME’s to graduate into the Mainstream & economy.
  5. The Municipality is also on a drive to establish co-ops in the Municipal area.
  6. This programme has reached 212 beneficiary’s from 12November 2010. 13 Co ops were registered in the     same period.
  7. We also partner with provincial DTI was to take advantage of the co op incentive scheme this department provides, to increase the sustainability of our co ops
  8. Paramount to the sustainability of project is partnership with CWDM and DEDAT.
  • Art and Culture Development Programme
  1. This programme is aimed at equipping artists of various genres to derive economic benefit from their activities e.g.  poetry, drama, choral music .this program further intends to link budding artists’ with production houses and other exit opportunities, the programme  has reached 1700 beneficiaries in the initial stages.
  2. The talents and skills audit for this programme has been completed.
  • Future Projects
  1. Sectors that the Municipality will be concentrating on to be an effect regional player in regional economic growth are:
  2. (a)    Business Process Outscouring
  3. In pursuit of efficiencies more and more international companies transfer their noncore as well as core business to an outside from service provider to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality.
  4. There has been considerable interest in the local private sector to lure Dutch companies to outsource their operations to a planned call center in Robertson.
  5. A group of investors was hosted by a local business man who has bought land in Church Street to erect a call center. There has been very positive feedback from this meeting and the Municipality is looking to leverage on opportunities that are spun off by such relationships.
  6. (b)    Renewable Energy.
  7. In a quest to introduce a green economy the Municipality has sent a delegation to Germany to explore the possibilities of twining with the Municipality in the areas of renewable energy generations and collaboration in the space of economic development, paramount to this arrangement is that the Municipality has a view to exploit the gap that exists the wine market in Germany to show case the wines produced in the Langeberg Municipality.
  8. Further to the objectives already mentioned are the
  9. Following: Encourage foreign investment into our area create markets for our produce  e.g. Wines
  10. Limit dependence  on coal driven electricity through generation of energy by renewable source to alleviate the pressure on the National Grid
  11. To be in line with legislation that would require that Municipalities generate 20% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.
  12. (a)    Implementation of the Neighborhood Development Programme, which is aimed at rejuvenating  our townships to unlock the economic potential in these areas in a quest to arrest the flight of capital from these areas to nearby towns.
  13. (b)    Cleaning of the catchment of the Dassies Hoek storage dam with a view of protecting the major water resources of Robertson to avert the water shortage.
  14. (c)    To do phase two of the Breede River Development
  15. (d)    To do Nkqubela Industrial development at the entrance of Nkqubela.