Waste removal on wheels

A wheelie bin system is being introduced in the Langeberg municipal area to reduce our carbon footprint in waste removal by doing away with the black bags. This is a multi-year capital project and will be rolled out over the course of the next five years, to the entire Langeberg municipal area.

The system will first be rolled out to certain areas of Zolani and Robertson, where it will replace the black bag system. A total of 1 300 wheelie bins were purchased and are currently being distributed.  The wheelie bins that are being distributed are clearly marked with LM (Langeberg Municipality) and the name of the town. On the side will be the erf number for each house to assist with identification. The bin will be issued free of charge. However, should your bin be damaged or stolen, it can be replaced at a cost of R450 per bin.

The wheelie bins will be reused and will reduce the number of plastic bags used on a weekly basis, which makes it more environmentally friendly and are in line with the municipality’s objective of steering towards an environmentally friendly and effective waste management system. The wheelie bins hold nearly three times as much refuse as the black bags: wheelie bins can take up to 240 litres, compared to black bags’ 85 litres. 

Currently the Langeberg Municipality is using the black bag refuse collection system, which requires that each household place their full bags at the kerbside for collection. The wheelie bin system will work on the exact same concept but replaces the black bag. The clear bag that is distributed for recyclable products can be placed on top of the wheelie bin for collection.

How to use your bin:
• Do not put concrete, bricks, large stones or large pieces of  metal in the bin.
• Do not put hot ashes or corrosive materials in the bin.
• Please try to recycle all recyclable waste by separating and placing recyclables in the clear bag provided. Do not place the clear bag in the wheelie bin.
For more information regarding waste removal, please contact the Department Environmental Services on 023 615 8000.