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From one of the best, to the best
From one of the best, to the best
From one of the best, to the best
From one of the best, to the best
From one of the best, to the best
From one of the best, to the best

As a small business owner, you have a lot to do right now.  And one of those actions on your To-Do list is making sure your business is workplace ready in terms of health and safety. The following website might be usefull to access relvant toolkits for your business at:  

COVID-19 has transformed the world of work.  Work from home, video meetings and productivity tools are the order of the day for some businesses. But many companies need to return to their premises.  Which means these firms have a pivotal role to play by providing a safe return to work for their employees, suppliers and customers.  

But the responsibility does not rest on your shoulders as the business owner alone. Your employees also need to know the established requirements for the re-opening and continued operations of their workplace.

At, a Western Cape Government, City of Cape Town, Wesgro/private sector collaboration, we have seen an increase in queries from small businesses regarding workplace safety and the implementation thereof.  

To help you, we've collated the top 28 questions asked by small business owners about adopting the right measures to prevent contagion.  We have also sourced FREE business tools from Western Cape businesses and the Western Cape Government to assist you.

If you have more questions about workplace safety implementation,  ASK US.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Are you doing the right things to make sure your employees, suppliers and customers are safe?

You can take steps to help reduce the infection rate at your place of work. We've collated the top 28 questions asked by small businesses on how to implement workplace safety quickly and efficiently and answered them for you here.


Need an easy to follow checklist, implementation process chart and draft contracts for COVID-19 Compliance Officers and COVID-19 Compliance Employee?

We have partnered with Gunston Strandvik Attorneys to bring you these easy to use tools.  Click here to access these tools.


Countries, where everyone wore masks, saw COVID death rates 100 times lower than projected.

Read's writer Adele Peters article here about why face masks are one of the simplest and most effective at helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.